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What to expect when going to Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country that melds eastern and western philosophies into one unique culture. Many consider Turkey to be the passport to the east, and a place with unparalleled cuisine, beaches, landscapes, and cities. One of the more popular methods of visiting Turkey is to sail from port to port, through the Mediterranean Sea. When sailing Turkey, there are certain things to expect.
If you are planning on sailing Turkey for an extended period of time, you will most likely need a visa to legally stay within the county’s borders. A Turkish visa is very easy to obtain, but can be a slow process.  Make sure to apply for an Electronic Visa prior to your visit. This will expedite the process and save a lot of time.

Turkey is a European country, but it is not a member of the European Union. As a result, turkey uses its own local currency known as the Turkish Lira. Before you arrive in Turkey, it is important to have a few Liras, in case of emergency. Try to limit buying too much Turkish Lira in your own country, because the exchange rate is very expensive. Also, airports offer higher rates than most large city centers and banks.  Most of these change offices do not work on commission. The best method of exchanging currency is to withdraw from an ATM machine. There are many different banks that offer policies with zero foreign transaction fees. This means that every time you withdraw money abroad, it will convert it to the correct currency, without charging you an additional fee.

If you want to stay in contact with friends and family while sailing turkey, you can use a local cell phone provider in Turkey. Most phones can be outfitted with Turkish sim cards for a nominal fee.

One of the most exciting aspects of sailing Turkey is the ability to visit world-renowned bazaars and markets. Turkey is a very affordable country to tour, in comparison to the rest of Europe. The Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are two incredible markets that offer bargain prices on exotic goods, spices, and souvenirs. You can try your luck with haggling and negotiate deals from the local purveyors.

If you are interested in learning more about sailing Turkey, and what to expect from the country, contact a local tour operator for more info and tips!

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