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Traditional Turkish Desserts

When sailing Turkey, be sure to bring your sweet tooth. If you sail Turkey, you are going to want to experience their many traditional desserts. A ride along a Turkey Sailing Charter will not be complete if you do not try one of Turkey’s traditional sweets. We have put together the ten most popular desserts you will find when sailing through Turkey.

1.Şekerpare - Şekerpare translates to “a piece of sweetness.” These cookies are made with semolina, flour, and powdered sugar, and are prepared golden brown and steeped in a sweet, lemony syrup. When cooked correctly, the cookies are tender enough to cut with a fork.

2.Keşkül - This pudding is prepared with crushed almonds, milk, sugar, grated coconut, rice flour, and corn or potato starch. Keşkül can be served cold or at room temperature.

3.Kabak tatlısı - This candied pumpkin dessert only looks like it was complicated to make. It is a great alternative to pumpkin pie because it leaves out the work and calories of pie crust.

4.Tavuk Göğsü - Believe it or not, this traditional Turkish dessert is made from chicken breast. Seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla, Tavuk Göğsü is the consistency of rice pudding.

5.Baklava - The most famous of all Turkish desserts. It is served in different flavors.

6.Halka Tatlısı a.k.a. Kerhane Tatlısı (Brothel Dessert) - This is an original street dessert. Similar to churros, it is served with a sweet sherbet.

7.Lokma - Lokma translates to “bite” in dessert, and it is a popular street dessert. This piece of fried dough is flavored with honey, sugar syrup, or cinnamon.

8.Maraş Ice Cream - This traditional ice cream has been served in Turkey since the 16th century. Made with powder, sugar, and goat milk, Maraş Ice Cream has the consistency of gelato. It comes in various flavors, including peach, red currant, and vanilla.

9.Lokum the “Turkish Delight” - Originally, Lokum was only available in three flavors - rosewater, lemon peel, and bitter orange. These days, it comes in several different flavors. This dessert is commonly paired with Turkish Coffee.

10.Aşure - While there are several variants of this dish, the main components are chickpeas, haricot beans, sugar, and wheat. It is topped with various items such as raisins, nuts, and apricots.

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