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Seafood Cuisine of Turkey

There is no shortage of seafood to choose from when sailing Turkey. If you sail Turkey, you are going to want to experience the best food they have to offer. One of the best foods you can find when riding a Turkey Sailing Charter is seafood.

Seafood in Turkey is often referred to as Mediterranean or Aegean cuisine. Its abundance is what makes seafood such a popular dish in Turkey. Turkey is encircled by four seas and has a ton of lakes and rivers inland. Seafood is a cheap and popular option.

Seafood in Turkey is in such high demand that many fish farms have popped up throughout the country to feed the masses. Seafood is also a big business in the city of Istanbul. The city is littered with fish markets.

In Turkey, one of the most exciting parts of seafood is the purchasing. Many buyers prefer buying from a fisherman at the local harbor than heading to a big chain supermarket. Some restaurants have latched onto the purchasing trend. They allow patrons to purchase their fish and then bring it to the restaurant for preparation.

In Turkey, the most popular way to cook fresh fish is over the BBQ. During the summer months, it is incredibly popular to eat outdoors and BBQ your fish. People of Turkey believe that the charcoal smoke enhances the taste of the fish.

Traditionally, seafood is served with a plate of roka, some mezes and thinly sliced onions. Raki is a popular drink to sip while enjoying seafood. In Turkey, seafood is meant to be savored. It is not a meal to rush through. You should expect to spend the whole night enjoying your meal with family and friends.

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