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Sailing to the Greek Islands

Hopping from Greek Island to Greek Island can make for a memorable vacation, but how do you decide which islands to see? There are many choices for destinations, and this can make planning a trip difficult. There is roughly 227 inhabited island and islets off the Greek coast. The places are spread throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea (some are located in the Ionian Sea). If you know what you want, but do not know where to go, our talented staff can help customize a vacation specifically for your group.

Below, we will go over a basic list of favorite Greek Island groups. Hopefully, this can help you decide the places you would like to go.

The Saronic Gulf Islands are located between Athens and Peloponnese. It is not far from the mainland, so you can get great Island charm without traveling great distances. One of the most beautiful Islands in the cluster is Hydra.

Due east of Athens, you will find the Sporades Islands. In the chain, the biggest island is Evia. The Sporades Islands have fewer visitors than other islands, which gives the island a local feel. It also has dense forests, so it is ideal for hiking.
In the southeastern area of Greece is the Dodecanese Islands. The development of the island is considered rustic, and when on the island tourists can see the deep historical connection to Venice (the Cyclades has a lovely hybrid Turkish-Venetian flair). The biggest and most appealing island is Rhodes.

If you do not know where you want to sail to in Greece, we can help you determine the best route and ports for your and your group. Greece is a beautiful place to visit, and there is no better way to go about experiencing it than sailing on a boat from port to port. Chatter a sailing trip through Greece today!