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Popular Croatian Islands

Sailing through Croatia has its beauty and splendor, but unfortunately, there is not enough time in one trip to travel to all Croatian Islands. We can help you customize a unique itinerary that goes to the particular islands and ports that best suit you and your travel needs. Below, we will highlight a few of the most famous islands, so that you can begin thinking about your itinerary.

Krk is also referred to as the Golden Island, and it is the closest island to mainland Croatia (connected by a bridge). The island has a diverse landscape. The southern tip offers gentle bays, whereas the inland area consists of rocky hills and fertile fields. Water sports are popular on this island.

Rab is located directly off the northern coast of Croatia. This island has dense woods and is home to a broad array of botanical life. People frequent Komrcar Park, which is beautiful for hiking. Rab is also known as one of the greenest Island throughout the entire Adriatic Sea.

Pag has a long coastline, which is home to many bays, capes, coves, and beaches. The valleys of the island are ideal for grape and olive growing. Zrec Beach, near Novalja, is one of the most popular spots on the island for both locals and tourists.

Brac is an island located near the Split Coast. It has isolated bays, rolling hills, clear water, and fig trees. Tourists like to visit Dragon's cave on the south part of the island. The island also has a famous museum in the village of Škrip that documents early Greek and Roman occupations of the area.

The above sample of islands gives a general outline of what you can expect at different places. Our crew has a thorough understanding of the region and its islands, so we can help you custom tailor a sailing itinerary that fits your wants and desires. With a little bit of planning, you can have a great time sailing to and from different Croatian islands.