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Important Turkish Phrases to Know

A Turkey sailing trip is a very popular destination for many travelers. From the delicious food to the wonderful coasts, Turkey sailing is a great experience. If you are planning to sail Turkey, you may want to brush up on the language. It’s not necessary to become fluent but learning a few phrases and words will help.

Turkish is a part of the Ural-Altaic family of languages. The Turkish language consists of 29 letters in its alphabet. Turkish is mostly phonetic with each letter in a word being pronounced. It’s very rare that a letter will be silent.

One crucial phrase in Turkey is Hoş Geldiniz which is pronounced "hosh gel din iz.” The nearly literal translation for this incredibly common phrase is “You came well.” You will hear this phrase often when entering a shop or restaurant as it is a form of greeting.The proper response to this is Hoş Bulduk (pronounced "hosh bull duk"). This translates to “we found well.”

Knowing the above phrases will get you far in Turkey but there are a few other things to keep note of. Hello is Merhaba! (pronounced mare-ha-ba). When saying good-bye, the way it’s said will depend on if you are the one leaving or the one staying. If you are leaving, you will say Hoşçakal! (pronounced hosh-cha-kal). If staying, then you would say Güle güle! (pronounced guu-leh guu-leh).