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Important Information for Traveling to Turkey

A sailing trip to Turkey is a magical experience that is incredibly difficult to forget. The calm, warm waters of the Mediterranean, paired with the flair and bustle of a Turkish city, establish an atmosphere that is unrivaled. Before embarking on a Turkey sailing charter, there is some relevant information to learn that will keep you safe and happy while on your journey.

Obtain a visa:

Turkey is a country that does not have open borders with the United States, so you will need a visa to travel the country legally.  Ensure that your passport has six months of validity and that you give yourself a few weeks to obtain the visa.

Carry different Currencies:

Turkey is the cultural melting pot of many different traditions and societies. The Turkish lira is the primary form of currency, but some vendors may be willing to accept the Euro or U.S dollar.

Be respectful to religions:

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim society, and in rural areas, it is respectful to dress appropriately. If you are a woman, there are certain Muslim guidelines and restrictions to be aware of, if you do not want to attract negative attention.