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Getting to Turkey

Turkey is a European Country that is located between the Anatolian region of west Asia and southeastern Europe. Turkey is a fairly accessible country that is easily reached by planes, trains, and automobile. Turkey has many cities and ports that border the Mediterranean ocean. Most travelers who visited turkey chose to explore the country via a sailboat.

If you are interested in sailing Turkey, and are coming from the U.S., you will have to purchase a plane ticket to get to the country.  When flying to Turkey, you should be aware of holiday dates that increase the price of an airline ticket and make traveling through airports a miserable experience.

Ramadan is a Muslim holiday that incorporates a month of fasting during the afternoon.  Most banks, official buildings, and businesses are closed for Ramadan, or have amended hours. During this period, it is highly recommended to avoid booking a trip. Many of the bus routes and airlines will be incredibly full, which would make it very difficult to reach small ports and marinas. 

It is also considered very rude to eat or drink on buses or airplanes, which would make traveling a very unpleasant experience if you are likely to get hungry.

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