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Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling to Turkey

Sailing Turkey is an amazing way to travel around the Mediterranean. If it is your first time leaving the country, you may have some questions about traveling to Turkey. Below are some commonly proposed questions that will help will help on an adventure to Turkey!

Do I need a Visa to visit Turkey?

U.S citizens must have a visa to enter Turkey.  It is not challenging to obtain a visa because all citizens may apply for the visa upon entry to the country. These travel visas are valid for three months and can be extending under special requests

Is it safe to visit Turkey?

Although Turkey is located near some areas of tension, Turkey is a relatively safe country to visit.  If you are visiting a major metropolitan area while sailing Turkey, keep a close eye on your possessions and valuables. Some thieves tend to prey on tourists.

What is the best time to travel to Turkey?

If you are sailing Turkey, the best time to travel is in the peak season of summer. During this time, the weather will be the most enjoyable for a sailing trip and will also yield the calmest waters.