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All dietary needs and tastes can be accommodated

  • There are few words that can describe the experience of dining “al fresco” on the Mediterranean.  Enjoy watching the coastline pass by as you eat.  The coastal region provides some of the world’s finest ingredients and our staff will help hand select all menu items from local markets.  Mediterranean cuisine is famed for fish, fresh vegetables, olive oil, salads, meats, cheeses and spices. 
  • You will enjoy relative feasts at breakfast and lunch in a shaded area on the open deck.  Alternatively, packed lunches can be provided for daily excursions while ashore.   There will be a tea/cocktail hour at sunset.  Dinner is usually served al fresco.  A full bar and wine list will be provided.
  • We will be happy to recommend to you our favorite restaurants in the villages along the route. 
  • Some well-known dishes to choose from:
  • Mezze – Delicious assortment of appetizers
  • Kofte – Minced lamb and beef meatballs
  • Imanbayildi – Traditional eggplant platter
  • Cacik – Cucumber, fresh yogurt and mint dip
  • Kebabs – roasted lamb, chicken, beef and fish
  • Fresh fish which can be grilled on board
  • Local meats, vegetables and cheeses
  • Fresh fruit and juices squeezed on board
  • Baklava, shammali, lokma and other desserts
  • Turkish Coffee

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