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Exchanging US Dollars for Turkish Lira

If you are planning a sailing trip on the beautiful Mediterranean waters of Turkey, you will have to exchange currency to the Turkish Lira.  There are many different ways to exchange U.S dollars to Lira, but some methods are simpler than others.

ATM Machines:

The most convenient method of exchanging money is to use an ATM machine. Most Turkish ATM machines are capable of taking money from a US bank account and exchanging it for Turkish Lira.  Although this is a convenient way to withdraw money, most ATM machines charge a high rate for international transfers

Currency Exchange Office:

Currency Exchange offices can be found in airports, bus terminals, or other areas with a high density of tourist traffic.  These establishments offer fair exchange rates and are able to change cash quickly.

If you plan on sailing turkey, and can only use Lira while aboard the vessel, it is suggested that you exchange your cash prior to embarking on a cruise.  Most staff will appreciate tips in lira, and there may be some souvenirs and items on board the ship that you can only purchase with Turkish currency. Exchanging money is a great way to be prepared for a Turkey sailing trip!