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Best Street Food Turkey Has to Offer

When it comes to culinary treats in Turkey, a lot of delicious and unique eats can be found simply walking around the neighborhood. Sailing to Turkey would not be complete without sampling some street foods. The next time you sail to Turkey be sure to check out these five treats.

Simit is a great breakfast food to start the day. Simit is similar to a bagel and sold on almost every street corner. They are covered in sesame seeds and go well with white cheese.

Çiğ Köfte is another culinary treat found on the streets of Turkey. This item is made unique due to its orange color. The coloring comes from the hot pepper paste it is made with. Çiğ Köfte is a patty of kneaded bulgur wheat that’s served in a flat bread with salad, pomegranate concentrate, and spicy sauce.

Midye Dolmasi is a popular mussel dish found on the streets of Turkey. The mussels are cooked and stuffed with a spiced rice mixture. They are sold cheap and vendors will give you as many as you can eat before tallying up the bill. Be sure to avoid this dish during the hot summer months.

Tavuklu Pilavi is another street food favorite. It is buttery rice, studded with chickpeas. The dish can be served with or without shredded chicken. Takuklu Pilavi is typically served with a sprinkling of black pepper and a glass of ayran.

Kokoreç is one of the more unique eats found on the streets of Turkey. Kokoreç is sheep’s intestines wrapped around other bits of offal. It is grilled over charcoals and then finely chopped. It is served with mixed spices and salad over bread.

When Turkey sailing there are a lot of great eats to check out. When looking for unique foods, hitting the streets is even better than going to a restaurant.