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Best Ports in Turkey

There is a plethora of beautiful places to sail through in the Mediterranean. If you are looking to find the best area to embark on a cruise, you may want to consider the breathtaking ports of Turkey.

Bordum: When sailing Turkey, you can’t miss the ancient port of Bodrum. This port is the Turkish equivalent of St. Tropez, France, and it has a myriad of interesting sites, tastes, and sounds to explore. This city is renown for its bazaars, and a historic castle that over looks the town.

Goeck: Goeck is another great port to consider exploring while sailing Turkey. This small city is situated amongst the mountainous slopes of a national forest, in the northwest corner of the gulf of Fethiye. This area is a destination for mega yachts and luxury cruises because of the beautiful scenery.

Marmaris: Marimaris was once a small fishing village, but has transformed into a premiere tourist destination for those who enjoy sailing Turkey. Marmaris is known for its sprawling bars and fish restaurants nestled inside the city.

Butterfly Valley: Butter Fly Valley is an amazing place for those who want to witness natural beauty while sailing Turkey. This region is only accessible by sea and is nestled in between sheer mountains, protruding rock walls, and water falls.