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Antalya Province

The Antalya Province is an area located on the southern coast of Turkey. This famed region hugs the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is a popular destination for sailing trips. This province is considered to be the hub of Turkey’s tourism industry, and is know to attract up to 30% of non-Turkish visitors. On record, this is the third most visited area in the world, preceding New York City. Richness of history abound is in Turkey’s largest international sea resorts. Antalya is not only peppered with beautiful coastline and Mediterranean flair, it is lush with ancient cities and world heritage sites.

Sailing Turkey is incomplete without a visited to this famed region. The city is named after Cattalos the Second, who was the king of Pergamum and founded the Antalya sometime in the second century BC. The Antalya province is located in what is know as south-west Anatolia, and lies between the Mediterranean see an the Taurus mountain range.   Most of the mountains in the Taurus range reach over 3000 meters in height. You can experience the culture and beauty of the region by sailing Turkey on a chartered cruise.  Sailing Turkey is once of the most awe-inspiring European excursions that you can embark on.